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When multiple projects pile up, it is easy for even the best project teams to feel overwhelmed and lose passion for a project. Lack of focus can cost money, increase mistakes and require rework, thereby derailing a project schedule and budget.

Having Katilyst supplement your project management team will lighten their load while bringing a dose of fresh energy and perspective into the project. We work in multiple channels throughout the HVAC industry, allowing exposure to different approaches. You’ll have access to non-proprietary best practices from our wide array of experiences.


We can assist you with:

Project Planning, Budgeting, Design and Fulfillment

Project Documentation Management

Energy Management Strategies

HVAC Consulting

Facilities Decommissioning Support

Subcontractor Coordination

Equipment & Parts Supply and Replacement

Equipment Sourcing

Government Contracting


Katilyst understands the perspective of all stakeholders. From building owners and design engineers to project fulfillment teams and equipment manufacturers, we make it our mission to ensure individual motivators align with the team goal.


Katilyst Company works diligently to eliminate unnecessary costs for procurement teams and building operators. Realizing these costs are often related to procurement delays, our purpose in the market is to expedite the procurement process. Katilyst is a certified woman-owned micro-business with a vast network of resources to locate all types of HVAC parts and equipment. When you engage Katilyst for your Commercial HVAC needs, you can expect accurate answers fast and a complete solution to your unique need.


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Katilyst can help you achieve your mission at
any stage of a project.

What our Partners & Clients Have To Say

“The Katilyst team offers a comprehensive skill set with a background in mechanical system design in addition to facility constructability. Their ability to understand facility needs, develop solutions and manage construction provides a high level of expertise for their clients. I have worked with the Katilyst team in varying capacities for over 15 years and have appreciated their approach to evaluating solutions from multiple perspectives all with a high level of urgency to time sensitive needs.”

Mike Orr, Hobbs & Associates, Vice President

“Katilyst has been a key partner of ours for many years. Given their responsiveness, expertise, and professionalism, they seamlessly become a natural extension of our project team. KATILYST always addresses design and construction challenges from the viewpoint of all the project stakeholders.”

Terrence Kerner, Atlantic Constructors Inc., President

How can we help?

Katilyst Company is your go-to consultant for all your HVAC projects and planning. We can help guide you to the solution that is right for your needs. Whether it's lingering HVAC issues or equipment coming to the end of its useful life, we understand the unique nature of each project and will customize a solution that fits. Contact us today.